Racing: Bogart's set for a Friday Flourish

Trainer Michael Freedman's BOGART gave his rivals in Friday's Class 4 sprint something to think about when he turned in a winning workout at Kranji yesterday morning.

With regular rider Manoel Nunes in the saddle, the New Zealand-bred (left) went at an easy clip to cover the 600m in 36.9sec. It was, by any measure, a fine piece of work.

Owned by Mummify Stable, the form figures preceding Bogart's name are the numbers which wannabe owners dream about.

Since his debut in May last year, the son of Darci Brahma has had seven runs and here's how the "numbers" have stacked up. 3-1-1-2-4-3-2. That's how.

Yes. Seven races. Seven cheques. And the guy's just three years old.

Bogart was a scratching in his last start but prior to that he ran a good second to Thumping who, on the day, was never going to be beaten.

One has to go back to June last year for Bogart's maiden victory. Run over the 1,200m on the turf, the then two-year-old ran a bolter of a race - leading all the way to win by almost two lengths.

As if to show that it was no fluke, and to prove his versatility, he then won a sprint on Polytrack.

Punters, sensing they were onto a good thing, sent him off as favourite in his next start - a 1,400m event. Alas, he missed out on his hat-trick when beaten narrowly by Listen who was ridden by red-hot "Harry" Kasim.

Bogart has a not-to-easy assignment on Friday. Opposing him will be some talented speedsters like Perfect Challenger and Tiger Bee who, you will recall, toyed with his rivals in his last start when winning a Maiden over 1,200m by almost five lengths.

Then, there's Blue Diamond. Listed as a reserve, he will definitely be a huge favourite should he get a start.

That said, Bogart's an honest 'un and, on the strength of yesterday's tune-up he should be in it from go to whoa.


OPEN BENCHMARK 83 - 1,600m: Tiger Master HH (T See) 39.3.

KRANJI STAKES C - 1,200m: One Smart Cat HH (R Hasri) 37.8. Superb Success 39.8. Sombrani 40. U Got It (Chavez) 35.1. Super Strike HH 44.3.

Monday: Greenstone HH (Amin) 35.3. Golden Mission 37.

PROGRESS - 1,200m: Listen (A'Isisuhairi) 38.7. Flying Zero 43.5. Rite Of Spring HH (Nunes) 36.5. Sky Empathy 38.6. Darci Charmer HH 39.1.

Monday: Green Tracer (Hasri) 41.3.

CLASS 4 DIV 1 - 1,400m: My Boy Jack HH (Kah) 37.5. Ginseng HH canter/38.7. Wassaic 36.2. Breaking Vaults HH 37.4. Lady Trio (TH Koh) 39.2.

CLASS 4 DIV 2 - 1,400m: Spyder HHH (Leal) 38.6. Flying Wild (Aslam) 44.1.

CLASS 4 - 1,100m: Golden Rabbit (Aslam) 36.4. Super Good HH 35.8. Gato Negro HHH (Tan) 39.1. Pint Sized Prince HH 42.4. Paterson Road 38.6. Cash Advance (Hasri) 37. Kiss Me (Beasley) 40.1. Good Score (Dellorto) 37.1. Super Six (KT Cheng) 36.8. Oasis Spur HH (Chavez) 37.1.

Monday: Super Spur (R Lim) 36.1.

CLASS 5 - 1,600m: Puzzle (I Andy) with Afternoon Delight (Allpress) 36.7. A's Victorious 36.2. Real Goodman 37.3. Double Hock (S John) 39.3.

CLASS 5 - 1,100m: Ocean Story (Leal) 41.5. Salute HH (Lim) 39.1. Super Captain (Tan) 38.3. Spicy Cat (J See) 36.2. Macau Roulette (YF Leong) 39.3. Magic Diva HH (Saifudin) 38. Vassilakos 36.2. Prussian Jack 43.3.

MAIDEN - 1,600m: G Power 38.1. Blossoms Sequel (John) 41.1. Jet Cosmo (Leal) 38.7. Feed Me More HH 36.2. World Of Fame 36.4.

INITIATION - 1,200m: It's Done Mate HH 37. Ocean Dream 36.4. Zedkaar 40.1. Aureus (Allpress) 36.1. Best Tothelign (Beasley) 38.2. Perfect Predator 41.5.

RESTRICTED MAIDEN - 1,200m: Bat King HH (HK Cheng) 34.9. Mr Victory ★★ (Chavez) 38.4. Ninetysix Champ (Beasley) 39.6. Orion HH (Allpress) canter/38.7. Time After Time (Saifudin) 36.4. Encosta Zone 37.1.



CLASS 3 - 1,400m: Irish Coffee HH (K A'Isisuhairi) 37.4. Gold Run HH 36.9. Speed Demon (O Chavez) 35.8. Terminator HH (A'Isisuhairi) 38.7. Iking (R Shafiq) 43.6. Southern Lord (M Nunes) 37. White Coffee HH (S Noh) 38.1. Cordoba 36.4.

Monday: Indicio HH 40.1. Captivate HH (M Airy) 37.

CLASS 3 - 1,000m: Sand Lane 37.1. Tim HH canter/35.1. Duty Free HH (I Saifudin) 36.8. Hypernova canter/37.1. Shipping Forecast 38.3.

KRANJI STAKES C - 2,400m: Iluminado HH canter/40.2. Tangible Assets 38.3. Danger Zone (A Munro) 36.7. Dragon G HH 38.3. Pure Rabid 38.3. Saint Valley 40.4.

Monday: Cannon Hill HH (H Amin) 36.4.

CLASS 4 - 1,600m: Irish Rebel HH (C Brown) 38.5. Smileswithhiseyes (Nunes) 37.4. Profound HH canter/35.1. The Omega Man HH 38.7. Cheetah (K Yazid) 34.4. Fast Fast Boy 37.3. Brilliant Deal HH 38.3. Mr Ikhlas 37.9. Over Easy HH 40.1. Simpang (HK Cheng) 35.7. Sweet Beauty 36.9. Silent Power 36.2.

Monday: Irish Flash (KL Lee) 37.2.

CLASS 4 - 1,200m: Bogart HHH (Nunes) 36.9. Brave Sister 38.3. Exquisitely Sweet 39.8. Pacino HH (Munro) with To Be Remembered canter/38.1. Perfect Challenger HH (Chavez) 36.4. Pure Tactics HH (Chavez) 37.4. Sacred City (KB Soo) 36.7. Blue Diamond HHH (D Beasley) 36.6. Daad's The Way 37.3. Tiger Bee HH (Beasley) 37.3. Mr Mani 39.1.

Monday: Potluck HH (E Aslam) 39.3.

CLASS 4 - 1,000m: Captain Kirk 39. Makawao HHH (J Powell) 37.9. Californian Girl HH 35.8. Sure Win HH 39.3. Shin Goong 37.2. Theology 41.2. Beat To Quarters 41.1. Jet Man 42.8. Mighty Creation (WL Tan) 34.4. Dynasty Knight HH (KT Cheng) 40.8. Wairakei 36.6.

Monday: Don Inaki HH (V Leal) 36.4. Black Snow (Aslam) 38.8. Indulge HH 35.7.

CLASS 5 - 1,700m: Super Star 38.9. Host The Nation canter/36.7. Foreign Exchange HH with The Giant HH (J Kah) canter/38.7. Gallant Heights HH canter/38.4. Reciprocate 37.2. Roma 38.4. Newfoundfame 38.5. Gold Halo (SH Lee) canter/36.7. Conquest (P Dellorto) 39.8. Weight In Gold (LQ Kek) 37.2.

CLASS 5 - 1,200m: Gypsy Magic 35.1. Just A Man HH 38.2. Hidden Venture 38.5. Clarity 37.3. Rising Shadow 40.8. Frenchman (Beasley) 36.9. Qualitase 39.3. Faberge HH 39.3. The Stallone 40.7. Cassis Oolong 38.2. Good Day 36.2.

INITIATION - 1,400m: Precious Gem 41.5. The Mighty Thor HH 38.3. Gene 37.2. Three Whip 38.8. Top Of The Town (L Allpress) 37.9. Good Mummy 37.3. Adrenaline HH 38.5. Cogito Ergo Sum (Munro) 38.2.

Monday: Precious Gem HH (Allpress) 40.1.

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