Racing: It was an adrenaline rush at dawn

Racing: It was an adrenaline rush at dawn

There must have been a feeling of satisfaction — or a kind of “rush” — in the Bruce Marsh yard when ADRENALINE finished his workout with so much zest at Kranji yesterday morning.

Taken out for a spin by Corey Brown, the youngster ran the 600m in 36.2. He was striding out nicely and pulled up looking in mint condition.

Adrenaline, who is by fashionable sire Align, stamped himself as a horse to watch in 2014 when he turned in a more than decent run in his debut on Jan 3.

In that race, the three-year-old came up against a mighty competent field of youngsters and was hardly disgraced when he finished fourth behind the all-the-way winner Eagle Storm.

If you recall, Eagle Storm finished a good second to Lucky Mission on Sunday.

Also in that Weight-For-Age “Initiation” were D’Artangan, Darci Charmer, Ami and The Mighty Thor. Yet, at the finish of that 1,200m sprint, Adrenaline was just two lengths behind the winner.

Later, the Stewards’ report stated that the New Zealand-bred had a tendency to lay inwards when racing up the home straight.

Adrenaline comes up against another smart field on Saturday. His rivals include Oscar Racing Stable’s Gene, trainer Patrick Shaw’s Gold Line, Laurie Laxon’s youngster Tongariro and that exciting filly My Barbarella.

So, it is by no means a shoo-in for the young runner but, one thing’s for certain, Trainer Marsh has his charge in tip-top condition for the 1,400m trip and it will be a good thing to have Adrenaline in your betting plan. On yesterday’s show, he’s ready for a mighty big effort.

William Low’s Guide to yesterday’s Kranji trackwork


FORTUNE BOWL — 2,000m: Stepitup HH (I Santana) 36.2. Dujardin HH (M Nunes) with Martin HHH (D Beasley) canter/38.8. Nandowra HHH (S John) 35.2. Musketeer 42.8. Mitre Peak 36.5. Lord Brompton 38.5. World War HH canter/38.6.

OPEN BENCHMARK 83 — 1,200m: Bahen HH (R Hasri) 37.4. Got Luck HHH (Beasley) 34.4. Emperor Max HH (L Allpress) 39.2. Flash Gift HH (Nunes) 35.7. Savannah Dancer HH 37.8. Bale Star HH (B Vorster) 37.8. Guaricana 34.8. Super Kenny HHH (A Munro) 34.7. Secret Mission (Santana) 35.3. Golden Rabbit 37.3.

CLASS 3 — 1,400m: Indicio 39.9. Terminator HH (K A’Isisuhairi) 37.5. Eclair Flyer 34.8. Empire Bay HHH 38.4. My Shine HH canter/34.9. Duty Free (I Saifudin) 36.8. Single Act HH 34.5. Euro Zone with Goodman (C Brown) canter/39.7. Mulan HH (Munro) 39.7. Video Call (S Sam) 38.1.

CLASS 4 — 1,600m: Seasons Echo (LQ Kek) 35.7. Two M And M HH (Vorster) with Yes Baba HH (Brown) 36.4. Eisenheim 38.1. Exquisitely Sweet HH (John) 36.1. Kate’s Keeper 37.7. Daad’s The Way canter/36.5. Daring Journey 38.7. Easy Money (Sam) 38.1. Vectis (A’Isisuhairi) 36.3. Dragon HH (Beasley) 36.4. Brilliant Deal 38.5. Thebuzzdownunder (E Aslam) 37.9.

CLASS 4 — 1,200m: Alan HH (Brown) canter/37.7. Crazy Times (R Zawari) 36.1. Fist HH (Brown) 39.1. Military Tactic HHH 38. Xin Treasure (T Rehaizat) canter/34.9. Mac Volks 41.6. Dragon Ninetynine (Kek) 40.8. Not Simple (V Leal) 34.1. Bingo (Allpress) 39.7.

KRANJI STAKES DIV 1 — 1,400m: Mexborough Boy HH (Beasley) 35.4. Palombaro HHH 35.3. Beauty Harmony (Munro) 38.7. Lady Trio (Santana) 35.9. Tai Commands (Allpress) 37.7. Flying Wild (Aslam) 36.1. Street Champ HHH 38. Bankers Call 37.7. Can’t Touch Me HH (Vorster) 35.9. Ron HH (Leal) canter/34.4. Star Rainbow 41.1. Simpang (WL Tan) 35.3. Enzo 40.6. Diamond On The Bay 34.1. Who Els 36.5.

KRANJI STAKES DIV 2 — 1,400m: Affirmation HH 39.1. Highlight (Sam) 35.1. Lucky Dapper HH (H Amin) 35.9. My Dancing Duel 38.5. D’Artagnan HH 39.8. Greenback 34.1. Grand Vitess 36.8. Breaking Vaults 38.5. Humor Town (John) 37.2. Jackpot (Aslam) 37.8. Power And Glory HH 37.2. Sea Of Love HH (Munro) canter/37.7. Legacy 36.5.

CLASS 5 — 2,000m: April’s Knight HH 37. Vantage 38. Blazing Spur (TH Koh) 36.5. Give Me Strength 38.4. Picture HH canter/38.6. Cartago (Aslam) 36.7. The Giant HH canter/37.3. Afternoon Delight 41.8. Excusez Moi 38.4. Garatta Kid HH (Allpress) 39. Classic Thunder 36.3. Conquest HH 35.9. Ange D’Orient 36.4.

Monday: Home Money Home HH (Sam) 40.9.

INITIATION DIV 1 — 1,400m: Lord Grantham 41.1. Beauty Admire HH (Munro) 36.6. On Twistter (Beasley) 36.4. Forever Ahead HH (Santana) 37.3. Super Voice 37.6. Mala Mala HHH (Vorster) 34.7. Bernard’s Fighter 36.1.

INITIATION DIV 2 — 1,400m: Bolshoi Ruler HH (Nunes) 39.8. Puzzle 39.5. Gene 36.6. Gold Line HH (Munro) 34.7. Voy HH (Santana) 35.7. Adrenaline HHH (Brown) 36.2. Tongariro canter/37.3. My Barbarella HH 39.5. Marea Negro (Koh) 36.4.

Monday: It’s Done Mate 41.2.

RESTRICTED MAIDEN — 1,600m: Pharma Browne HH (R Shafiq) 40.4. Capricci Prince (M Kellady) 36.3. Peregrine Falcon (Allpress) canter/36.8. Piasau Garden (A’Isisuhairi) 35.7. Jet Cosmo (John) 42.6. Sing A Song HH (Santana) canter/36.1. Golden Jade (Munro) 36.1.


KRANJI STAKES A — 1,400m: El Padrino HH (O Chavez) canter/35.9. Johnny Guitar HHH 35.1.

CLASS 3 — 1,200m: Southern Lord (Allpress) 41.5. Mycaptainoblivious HH 37.3. Speed Demon (Chavez) 37.6. Gato Negro HH (Chavez) 39.1.

KRANJI STAKES C - 1,600m:  Borsalino HH 41.1. Silver And Gold (Saifudin) 40.8.

CLASS 4 — 2,000m: Make A Return HH 37.7.

CLASS 5 D1 — 1,200m: Good Boss (Chavez) 38.1. Rory HHH (Chavez) 37.9. Spin Fire HH 39.5.

CLASS 4 D1 — 1,400m: Dragon Force HH 40.9. My Boy Jack 37.3. Joyful Heart Man (Aslam) 36.8.

CLASS 4 D2 — 1,400m: Spyder HH (Vorster) 34.7. Light Brigade (Sam) 40.5. Potluck HH (Aslam) 36.5. Bannister 34.8.

CLASS 5 — 1,700m: Black Bean HH 35.9. Teochew Barrister HH (Chavez) 41.3. Ktronic 40.5. Dos Equis HH 38.6. World Of Fame (J See) 35.9.

RESTRICTED MAIDEN — 1,200m: Sting with Overpower 35.2. Xiao Long 37.3. Valentino HH 34.8.

CLASS 5 DIV 2 — 1,200m: Rising Shadow 36.3. Princess Janna HH (Zawari) 36.5. Richeast 39.5. Vassilakos 41.1. Always A Winner HH 36.1.

MAIDEN — 1,200m: Tiger Bee HH (Beasley) 36.1. Moova Cash (Kellady) 40.3. Exceptional Choice 36.8. Fahla Fahla (KT Cheng) 35.9. Suburban Secret (Kellady) 36.8. Roma HH 36.1.

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