Racing: Peace No War looks good

SINGAPORE - Trainer Michael Freedman's talented galloper Peace No War lit up the training track on Tuesday with a fine piece of work.

Taken out by Manoel Nunes and not out to break any records, he ran the 600m in a leisurely 40.6sec. Word from trackside was that he was striding out well all the way.

Already a two-time winner, he has been off the scene for five weeks and seems to have relished that break.

Peace No War was a debut winner in April this year, beating Rikioh over the 1,200m on the turf. For what's it's worth, Rikioh was a stylish winner last week.

Carrying confidence in his next start, he was unplaced in a bump and grind race which was taken by War Affair. However, Peace No War came back stronger than ever to beat Perfect Charger by ½ length - again over the 1,200m.

He was far from disgraced in his last start when third behind the very-talented pair of War Affair and Desert Fox in the $200,000 Juvenile Championship.

By War Pass, the three-year-old tackles a smart Class 4 Division 2 field over the turf on Friday. His rivals include Green Tracer, Faretti and last-start winner Hypernova. However, and to his credit, Peace No War has been working with gusto and should give a good account of himself in this 1,200m sprint over the short course.


Workouts by horses entered for Friday

KRANJI STAKES B - 1,600m: Cash Luck★★★ (J Moreira) 34.8. Head Start★★ with Shuttle Man 36.6. Hint canter/39.8. Encosta Diablo (R Shafiq) 38.7. Darien Gap 36.9. Holy Empire (A Munro) 37.8. Fighter Jet★★ (Shafiq) 38.9.

CLASS 3 - 1,200m: Simple Pleasures★★ (J Powell) 36.8. Mulan (TH Koh) 36.2. Zac Spirit★★ (Moreira) 38.5. Sacred Pins★★ 40.6. Raging Storm 41.7. Monday: Golden Rabbit (E Aslam) 37.9.

CLASS 4 - 1,600m: Seasons Echo 34.4. Stage Bright (M Zaki) 35.7. Caution 45.6. Dawn Prospect★★ 36.1. Warrior canter/36.2. Enzo 44.7. Paddy O'Reilly★★ 35.2. Sui Generis (S John) canter/36.

Monday: Borsalino canter/39.7.

CLASS 4 DIV 1 - 1,200m: BM Win 38.2. Be A Man★★ 37.4. Dragon Force (D Beasley) 41.6. Live In Hope 39.9. Alan★★ (Moreira) canter/36.1. Grand Wood Park 35.6. Catch Me Now★★★ (KB Soo) 36.3. Magnificent Kid canter/40.1.

Monday: Emperor Banquet (H Amin) 35.9. Rising Expectation 38.2. Dynasty Knight★★ (KT Cheng) 34.6. Can't Touch Me★★ (Amin) 36.2.

CLASS 4 DIV 2 - 1,200m: Green Tracer★★ (Hasri) 36.8. Peace No War★★★ (M Nunes) 40.6. Hypernova (C Brown) 35.5. Big Respect (Munro) with Den canter/36.2. Give Way 37.7. Sky Storm★★ (D Chee) 42.3.

Monday: Faretti 38.7. Two M And M (B Vorster) 36.2.

CLASS 5 DIV 1 - 1,600m: Dragon G★★ (Beasley) 38.1. Eishin Bright 36.9. Regal Salute★★ (Shafiq) 38.4. World Of Fame (Cheng) 36.3. Real Goodman (YF Leong) 42.5. Silent Power 43.3.

Monday: Star Academy canter/36.1. Gravlax 35.9. Mr Patron★★ (Vorster) 36.4. Dragon Dancer canter/39.9.

CLASS 5 DIV 2 - 1,600m: Qualitase★★ with Sudden Interest 34.8. Atiamuri★★ canter/36.2. Rich Born (Zaki) canter/37.1. Weight In Gold 38.1. Weowna Flyer 35.2. Double Hock (John) 37.9. Gold Halo (SH Lee) canter/39.2. Super Knight 36.9. Chinese Tycoon (Cheng) 37.9. My Field canter/40.1. Sudden Interest 34.8. Ange D'Orient (S Sam) 36.3.

Monday: Rollthedice★★ 34.8.

CLASS 5 - 1,200m: Jonathan★★ canter/36.2. Magic Ocean 38.7. German Roulette canter/37.9. Prussian Jack 39.3. Al-Hamid (John) 44.3.

Monday: Real Steel 41.7. The Stallone 38.6. Abyss★★ 35.9. Stealth Fighter canter/39.7. Drumsara★★ (M Ewe) canter/36.3. Wonder General (Zaki) 34.6.

INITIATION - 1,100m: I-Scream Now★★ (Soo) 38.6. Final Countdown (Moreira) 36.5. Cassis Oolong (Munro) 36.9. Bedfordview★★ (Vorster) 34.6. Hanks (Koh) canter/36.1. Lucky★★ Guy (L Allpress) 38.2. Black Fury 46.3.

Monday: Stormy Along (Leong) 38.1. Windsor Knot★★ 38.7. Sting (R Zawari) 38.2.

Workouts by horses running on Sunday

CLASS 3 - 1,600m: The Rude Warrior★★★ (Moreira) 34.9. Meaisin★★ (Aslam) 35.8. Silveron Wings 38.2. Tiger Master 34.6.

Monday: Don Platense canter/36.9.

KRANJI STAKES C - 1,400m: Freezemaster 36.9. Accelarometer★★ (Hasri) 36.7. Benji's Empire★★ (Kellady) 37.5. Lambourghini Flame 35.6. Honest Truth 44.7.

CLASS 4 - 2,000m: South Gate canter/36. Bigcat Rhapsody (Powell) canter/37.9. Make A Return★★ (Aslam) 38.1. Cartago★★ (Allpress) 36.8.

CLASS 4 DIV 1 -1,400m: Winning Success 35.3. Ravoux★★ (Allpress) canter/38.5. Leave Me Alone (Soo) 38.2. Excusez Moi 37.8.

CLASS 4 DIV 2 - 1,400m: Silveron Warrior (Chee) canter/37.9. Agenais 41.2. Tai Command★★ canter/38.5. Spinning Success (Beasley) 36.4. Humor Town (John) 38.6.

KRANJI STAKES D - 1,200m: Dragon Ninetynine (Lee) 38.

Monday: My Brother★★ (Amin) 36.4.

CLASS 5 - 1,700m: Buzet 36.7. Ninth Avenue (John) 37.8. Chevy★★ canter/41.7. Gypsy Star (O Chavez) 35.6. Super Velox (Munro) canter/37.1. Chapter And Verse 35.4. Rockety Cat (Hasri) canter/37.9. Conquest★★ 35.3.

Monday: Conquest★★ (Vorster) with G Power 37.6. Johnny Hates Jazz 37.5.

CLASS 5 DIV 1 - 1,000m: Fantastic Boy 42.5. Fuku's Pet★★ (Moreira) 37.2. I'm Superman 36.4. Oasis Spur★★ (Saifudin) 37.5.

CLASS 5 DIV 2 -1,000m: Bally Boy★★ 38.5. Pegasus Victory (Cheng) 43.3. California Kid 36.8. Samurai Kid (John) 39.1. Win The Day 38.2. Mr Vantastic (LQ Kek) 40.6. Maha Veeran (Lee) 37.6.

INITIATION - 1,100m: Keepitconfidential★★ 44.6. Gangnam Style 46.5. Big Heart (M Au) 37.1. Gene 38.1. Home Daddy Home (M Airy) 36.4.

Monday: Retrospect (Alsam) 37.7. Mac Volks 37.1.

RESTRICTED MAIDEN - 1,200m: Midnight (Beasley) 37.9. Perfect Challenger (Chavez) 37.3. Victorious Streak★★ (Powell) 36.7.

Monday: Let It Rock★★ (Vorster) 35.9. Moonbeam Dazzler★★ 36.7.

SINGAPORE - After five runs without success, trainer Laurie Laxon's BIG SEQUALO does seem to be running in some sort of form and must go into your notebook as a horse to follow.

Sent to the trials on Tuesday morning, the five-year-old Australian-bred led from go to whoa to register a smart time of 60.58sec for the 1,000m.

Ridden by TH Koh, Big Sequalo could have gone faster but was eased up close to home. Still, he won by almost four lengths.

Big Sequalo ran second on debut and was looked on as a good thing in his next start. However, when backed down to firm favourite, he finished down the course. A vet's examination revealed that he was lame.

After an eight-month break, he came back in June to run third to Greenback. He had two more unplaced outings before coming into Tuesday's trial.


1 Stiletto (C Brown) 2 Vitally Secret (K A'Isisuhairi) 3 General Conatus (WL Hu) 4 Eclipse Warrior (M Kellady)

Margins and time: Nk, 4, nk (1min 05.16sec).

Stiletto cleared the gates cleanly and led from Eclipse Warrior, who gave chase. Next came Vitally Secret and General Conatus. Eclipse Warrior, after looking like going to the front, was restrained and dropped into a clear second. Stiletto continued to lead. Vitally Secret was up there.

Into the straight and Stiletto led from Eclipse Warrior and General Conatus. That was the positions in which they finished a trial which didn't reveal any big secrets.


1 Big Sequalo (TH Koh) 2 Irish Rebel (J Moreira) 3 Soaring Win (KT Cheng) 4 Sure Win (M Nunes) 5 Bespoke (R Shafiq) 6 Bat King Margins and time: 3¾, 1¼, 3, 4½, 12¼ (1:00.58).

Big Sequalo, jumping from Gate 1, got going nicely and led from Soaring Win and Irsh Rebel. They were followed closely by Sure Win, Bespoke and Bat King. Nearing the 600m and Big Sequalo was a clear leader from Soaring Win and Sure Win. Irish Rebel was next.

Angling out for the run home and they were well strung out. Big Sequalo led comfortably from Soaring Win. Irish Rebel made a late bid but Big Sequalo was home and hosed. A good trial by the winner.


1 American Vision (Nunes) 2 Dynamic Venture (M Zaki) 3 Game For Fame (Brown) 4 Jetset Man (L Allpress)

Margins and time: Ns, nk, 2¼ (1:01.65).

American Vision and Dynamic Venture disputed the early lead with Game For Fame and Jetset Man running next in that order. As they cleared the bend on the far side, Dynamic Venture and American Vision went like Siamese twins. Together, they would make the turn for the run home.

With 400m remaining, the two leaders were still locked in battle. But they soon had company. Game For Fame and Jetset Man made their bids. With 200m to cover, they were four abreast. Game For Fame looked like taking it but American Vision and Dynamic Venture fought back and, in a head-bobber, American Vision got the nod from Dynamic Venture.


1 Goal Keeper (D Beasley) 2 Flying Wild (Allpress) 3 Confalcon (O Chavez) 4 Knight's Command (Brown) 5 Zac Suggestion (Moreira) 6 Our Friendly Diva (R Hasri) 7 Marine Park (Nunes)

Margins and time: 1½, 1¾, 2¾, 2¾, ¾, nk (1:01.28).

Goal Keeper was smartly away but Confalcon soon took over the running. Flying Wild and Knight's Command disputed third spot. Zac Suggestion, deciding to take the scenic route, was fourth.

As they cleared the 600m, former Malaysian galloper Confalcon led comfortably from Goal Keeper. Flying Wild was a clear third.

With the finish in sight, Flying Wild, Goal Keeper and Confalcon made it a line of three. Class eventually told and Goal Keeper pulled away to win from Flying Wild. Goal Keeper looks to be in condition.


1 Trap (K Lee) 2 Black Sorcerer 3 Princess Janna (D Darren) 4 Dreammaker (Allpress) 5 Easy Winner (YF Leong) 6 Wings Senior (S John) 7 Serpico (A Munro) 8 Blazing Spur (T Rehaizat)

Margins and time: ½, nk, ½, nk, ¾, 3, 2 (1:03.02).

Easy Winner was the early leader but it was tight up front. Princess Janna was there, so too Wings Senior, Trap and Black Sorcerer. Clearing the 600m and Princess Janna led narrowly from Wings Senior and Easy Winner. Black Sorcerer, Dreammaker and Serpico were within striking distance. Trap was second from last.

On straightening, Princess Janna led but she soon had company. Trap woke up and gave chase. Taking the shortest route home, he collared Princess Janna and held off Black Sorcerer's late burst to win by ½ length.

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