Rare and endangered beasts captured on film

Indonesia's most endangered species have been photographed in new camera trap project

Researchers in Indonesia have photographed some of the country's rarest and most endangered species.

Over 30 days, 29 species were photographed by a camera trap set up in Batang Gadis National Park, North Sumatra, Indonesia by the park and Conservation International.

The cameras captured the endangered Sumatran tiger, Sunda pangolin, Asiatic wild dog, Sumatran clouded leopard and the rarely seen Malayan tapir as well as four of the five Sumatran wild cat species, the endemic bronze-tail peacock pheasant and Salvadori's pheasant.

Batang Gadis is an important haven for some of Indonesia's most unique animals and researchers hope the findings will help secure the park's future.

See the photos in the gallery.

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