Really handy apps for Muslims on the go

KUALA LUMPUR - Getting accurate prayer times and the direction of the kiblat is important, especially when one is travelling overseas.

The following apps are very useful in providing the direction of the kiblat.

iPray: Prayer Times & Qibla (Android, iOS)

This is a paid app, which costs US$3.07(S$3.90) to download. It is one of the premium apps which many users have raved about because of its accuracy.

There is no set-up required and the app provides automatic location detection as well as manual settings using Google maps.

The Qibla compass uses one’s current GPS position and it also supports the magnetic compass along with a user-friendly interface offering the user directions to the Sun or the Moon.

There is even a feature, which allows one to tap on LiveView to see the current Hijri Date, time left to the next prayer time as well as Time Elapsed feature since the current prayer time.

It is an impressive app which also has prayer alerts and notifications. Users have options to receive a reminder 10 minutes before prayer times.

Muslim Pro: Azan, Quran and Qibla (Android, iOS)

The kiblat compass works well in this app which also has a full Quran with Arabic scripts, phonetics, translations as well as audio recitations.

The Azan feature has visual and audio notifications and there is a Hijri calendar along with locations of mosques and halal restaurants in the user’s area.

This app is free but the premium version, which costs US$4.72, offers time of the next prayer, audio recitations and translations of the Quran.

Qibla Compass (Android)

This is as simple as it gets. This app offers prayer times as well as the distance and direction (pointed by the arrow) to the Kaaba.

The compass also considers the difference between magnetic and the true north. When using a compass, it encourages the users to hold their phone on a flat surface and away from metal objects and electromagnetic fields.