Restaurant charges $4.90 for plain rice and $2.50 for teh tarik

SINGAPORE - A customer wrote in to citzen journalism website Stomp to say that she felt it was "too much" to be charged $4.90 for plain rice and $2.50 for a cup of teh tarik at a restaurant along Syed Alwi Road.

The Stomp contributor was also charged $13.90 for pepper mutton gravy, $8.90 for mixed vegetable curry, $9 for two pieces of garlic naan and $15.80 for two pieces for chicken murtabak.

The total cost of the meal amounted to $78.86, after service charge and GST.

The Stomp contributor said: "I decided to sent these pictures to Stomp because I feel it's just too much.

"I was charged $4.90 just for plain rice and $2.50 for teh tarik."

Too expensive? Readers, what's your verdict on this?

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