Restaurant employee fills cheese shakers with bare hands -- then brushes off excess with palm and fingertips

A man lost his appetite after seeing a woman filling bottles of cheese with her bare hands and brushing off the excess with her palm and fingertips.

Stomp contributor Zed was disgusted by the incident which happened at a Pastamania outlet at around 1.45pm today (Aug 4).

"She brushed off excess cheese around the cover and the top of the bottle with her exposed fingers and bare hands, into an open box where more cheese was kept. Then she used a spoon and scooped up the same cheese into the bottle to top it up. This is disgusting." he said.

Zed was having a bowl of soup when he noticed the woman's unhygienic work practice.

He then informed the manager of what had happened.

In a phone interview with Stomp, he said:

"When I informed the Manager, he thanked me for my observation. I told him that it was very unhygienic but they did not replace the cheese bottles that she had filled".

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