Restaurant Hoshigaoka rolls out new menu featuring Udders ice-cream

SINGAPORE - Restaurant Hoshigaoka has revamped its menu to include new items, like desserts made in partnership with local ice-cream parlour, Udders.

The flavours available are matcha, cookies and cream, black sesame and vanilla, for $4.80++ a scoop. The freshly unveiled Shibuya and Shinjuku toasts ($8.80++ each) and Matcha Brownie ($6.80) also come with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream each.

The partnership with Udders is not a new venture for Restaurant Hoshigaoka's parent company JP Pepperdine Group, which also owns Jack's Place. The local F&B institution already has a limited selection of Udders ice-cream available at its 16 outlets since last year.

Restaurant Hoshigaoka's face-lifted menu is in line with Jack's Place's 50th anniversary celebrations this year.

New appetisers at the Japanese restaurant include Aburi Mentai Hotate ($10.80++), thinly sliced Hokkaido scallop torched with mentai mayonnaise and served with flying fish roe and spring onion, and Pitan Tofu ($7.80++), a twist to the usual chilled tofu dish with homemade century egg sauce topped with flying fish roe and spring onion.

Other additions include Aburi Crackling Salmon Roll ($18.80++) consisting of fried salmon skin, avocado and cucumber, wrapped with salmon and torched with mentai mayonnaise. There's also Gyu Nikomi ($9.80++), a dish featuring beef shin stewed with buah keluak (a black nut traditionally used in Peranakan dishes) and spices for eight hours.