Restaurant at International Plaza charges $9 for a packet of beehoon with meat and vegetables

Stomp contributor Ang felt that it was "unreasonable" for her to be charged $9.00 for a plate of beehoon with two meats and a vegetable side.

According to Ang, the incident happened at a around 1 pm yesterday at a restaurant in International Plaza.

The Stomp contributor said:

"I selected my food and proceeded to the counter for payment.

"There the cashier charged me $9.00 for my meal and I paid her."

However, a few moments later Ang felt that her meal "cost too much" and decided to check with the cashier.

According to Ang, the cashier said:

"Each meat side costs $3, vegetables are at $1 each and beehoon costs $2."

Ang added that she was shocked by the price breakdown but could not do anything as she had already paid for the meal.

She mentioned:

"I feel very unsatisfied, it's so unreasonable."

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