Role for everyone to ensure S'pore's survival

Every Singaporean should be concerned over our country's survival ("S'pore's challenge: 'Be confident while being paranoid' "; Tuesday).

As a member of the pioneer generation, I have witnessed how Singapore has been transformed from a Third World country into a First World one under the leadership of Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

His foresight and indomitable spirit in governing Singapore in the early years of our independence paid dividends when more jobs were created, housing needs met and healthcare improved. He also defeated the threats of communists and communalists.

It is, thus, not by chance that we have become a highly successful and well-respected country; much hard work and sacrifices on the part of our selfless leaders and committed and resilient people made it possible.

Our first generation of leaders, most of whom are no longer with us, provided the foundation and built up resources which the present and future generations of leaders can tap to benefit our country.

What is crucially paramount at this juncture is the urgent need to have selfless and talented individuals come forward and provide our country with leadership and dynamism, so we can move forward and face any eventuality.

Although we have a skilled workforce, capable leadership, good governance and congenial living environment that can contribute to our continued success, we must not forget the many Singaporeans who are living overseas, who still desire to play a part in national issues that affect them.

Every Singaporean counts, and engaging those overseas will give them a sense of belonging and ownership, which will go a long way towards welcoming them back to Singapore when they complete their business attachments or studies.

Very importantly, we should have responsible political leaders, be they from the ruling party or the opposition, who have the country and people at heart, and are prepared to stand as one united people to safeguard our sovereignty during difficult times.

If this is realised, I have no doubt that Singapore will be in good hands for a long time to come.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

This article was first published on Mar 21, 2015.
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