S. Korea's swimming body raided over alleged corruption

S. Korea's swimming body raided over alleged corruption

SEOUL - Prosecutors on Wednesday raided the offices of South Korea's national swimming organisation in a widening probe into suspected corruption in sports bodies, a spokesman said.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office sent staff to storm the Korean Swimming Federation (KSF) in the capital and other related offices elsewhere, the Korea Olympic Committee (KOC) spokesman said.

"KSF offices are now swarming with investigators. We're not allowed to enter there", he told AFP, adding that KSF shares a building with KOC.

Computer hard drives and documents were confiscated in the raid.

The move came just days after the sports ministry said it would stop providing subsidies to the national swimming body, accusing its top officials of embezzlement.

The ministry said the federation was suspected of forging documents and siphoning off training expenses intended for athletes.

The subsidies to other sports federations, including the Korean Shooting Federation and Korean Equestrian Federation, have also been cut, suggesting the investigation would be widened, Yonhap news agency said.

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