'Sad food' - the latest photo sharing craze to sweep the web

Are you having sad lunches at your desk and ashamed of it?

Now you don't have to be as there is a new picture-taking trend that is picking on social media where people are proudly showing off their dismal meals online - the sadder, the better.

There are over 600 photos tagged under the hashtag #saddesklunch when SoShiok checked on Instagram on Feb 28, 2014.

American Kira Fisher started a blog site, Sad Desk Lunch, in 2012 and it has attracted people from all over to submit their own pictures.

The site aims to show what office eating really looks like and it's not pretty.

On the blog, office workers would post photos of their sad and drabby lunch along with accompanying captions. One user submitted a photo of herself at her desk holding a tin of pineapple and titled the picture: "Oh, let me just pull lunch out of my drawer."

Granted, some of the photos on the site do look like something that we could have came up with in desperate times but it sure is a far cry from the posh and carefully decorated food we are used to on Instagram.

Photos of unappetising microwave food, hastily-assembled droopy sandwiches and meagre crackers with dips fill the Tumblr page.

But if anything, these pictures only reiterate the sad truth of all our lunches: On some days they are drool-worthy; and on most, well, they are #saddesklunch.

Fisher, who is based in New York City, started Sad Desk Lunch when she was working as a video editor.

"I was staring at my rather unappealing lentil soup, which I was eating at my desk, and just thought 'I can't believe I eat this gruel, let alone eat it alone at my desk pretending to work rather than going outside or eating with others,'" says Fisher on a report by The Daily Mail.

Fisher started the Tumblr page and got her friends to participate by sending in pictures of their sad desk lunches. She now has over pending 500 submissions.

There are several sites, like cooksuck.com, that are dedicated to boring lunches. On Instagram, user cookingforbae also reposts pictures of boring lunches from other Instagram users.