Safer to leave babies in secured strollers on buses

While taking the bus last week, I saw a couple boarding with two babies in a double stroller.

They placed the stroller at the empty space meant for wheelchair users, and locked its wheels. But the bus driver told them to remove the babies and fold the stroller for their "safety".

The double stroller, however, could not be folded and had to be dismantled into four pieces, which were left haphazardly on the floor.

How is a stroller secured in the wheelchair area, with the babies strapped in, more unsafe than pieces of stroller parts on the floor?

Also, the couple chose to carry their babies while standing up, which affected their stability. At one point, the man almost fell when the bus speeded up.

In an emergency, when passengers must evacuate the bus, the unsecured stroller parts would be a safety hazard.

Babies in strollers should be allowed in the area reserved for wheelchair users - it is safer that way.

Luke Ho

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