Samsung's first Tizen smartphones to hit several markets by June

As we all know, wearable tech is all the rage now, and running on the Tizen OS are Samsung's Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smart watches, along with its Gear Fit fitness band. Now, Yoon Han-kil, Senior VP of the product strategy team from Samsung has revealed to Reuters that the tech giant will release smartphones equipped with the Linux-based platform by end of Q2 2014.

He disclosed that the first Tizen-based smartphone to be rolled out will be a high-end device, with a second mid-market one to follow. The operating system has been said to be a potential competitor to Android, and that Samsung might become less dependent on the Google technology in its smartphone business. In February, Tizen listed 15 new supporters, including Sprint, its parent SoftBank Mobile, and ZTE.

Tizen-based smartphones will be launched in several countries "where we can do well", according to Yoon. He said that Tizen will need to account for up to 15 per cent of Samsung's smartphone shipments in order to be considered a success. Yoon also added that Android still needs to be Samsung's "main business", while Tizen- and Windows Phone-powered devices will address markets that Android is less suited to.

Despite plans to make the Gear 2 devices compatible with all Android-based smartphones, Yoon said Samsung also plans to launch an Android-based smart watch some time this year.

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