Sauce with a cinnamon twist

SINGAPORE - Sin Hua Hock Kee, with over 30 years of history in Singapore, has brought in some of Singaporeans' favourite snacks, like Glico Pocky and dried fish strips.

Other than Singapore, the Asian food distributor has operations in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei.

Its products range from sauces and biscuits to chocolates and even hampers.

Among its products is the 3A Cinnamon Hot Pepper sauce.

The sauce is made from cinnamon, pepper, soya beans, wheat, sugar, salt, garlic and other ingredients.

It uses premium glutinous rice as one of its ingredients too.

The sauce stands by four promises: It contains no preservatives, no monosodium glutamate, no aspartame and no artificial colours.

This makes the sauce potentially healthier than some of the alternatives.

The sauce is best used as a dip or to marinate items for a barbecue.

It can also be used for frying and grilling, and gives food an aroma that is bound to make people salivate.

In fact, a new marinade using the sauce is popular with marketing manager Steven Wong's family.

The barbecue chicken wings he cooks with the 3A Cinnamon Hot Pepper sauce is such a hit that he cooks it twice a week for his children.

He chanced upon the sauce at a roadshow, and has not looked back since.

"I found the taste interesting because I had never had a sauce that had a cinnamon taste," he said.

Mr Wong added that the the sauce is not too spicy and has a hint of roast duck sauce, which his family likes.

For Valerie Yeo, the sauce changed her feelings towards cinnamon, a spice she used to dislike.

The housewife said that her friend passed her a bottle, and her husband used it for cooking.

She was bowled over by its taste.

"I have never tasted such a sauce which goes so well with meats, especially those that are barbecued or stir-fried," said Ms Yeo.

Being health conscious, she also likes the fact that the sauce does not contain added preservatives, MSG, sweeteners, artificial colouring or gluten.

The 3A Cinnamon Hot Pepper sauce sells for $6.95 a bottle and is available at Sheng Siong supermarkets.

It will soon be available at FairPrice supermarkets.

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