SCDF and SGAG's hilarious exchange on Twitter

SINGAPORE - What happens when a uniformed organisation follows a comedy website on their social media account?

This was what happened on Tuesday when the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) followed local comedy website SGAG on their Twitter account.

Immediately, SGAG tweeted: 'The @SCDF just followed SGAG on Twitter. Well, umm, thank you? I'll call u when my cat gets stuck on the tree?'

In the ensuring exchange on twitter, the Singapore Police Force's Twitter account was also brought into the picture.

Later on Wednesday, SCDF compiled their change with SGAG into a photo and posted it on Facebook with the caption: "When Singapore finest rescuers meets Singapore finest trolls, "hilarity ensues"... all done in good sport. Hope you guys enjoy reading the conversation!"

Even Acting Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin could not resist sharing the photo on his Facebook page, with the captions 'LOL' (Laugh out loud).