SDA: Make the change for a better future

SDA: Make the change for a better future

Seven political parties delivered their second party messages on television and radio last night. The time allocated was based on the number of contesting candidates. We reproduce the messages that were delivered in English.

Singapore Democratic Alliance

Singapore for Singaporeans. A heart for the people.

Fifty years ago, our pioneer leaders came as common people like us and put in proper safety nets to protect the rights of all Singaporeans.

But the third-generation leaders of the Government have been parachuted into policymaking positions, but do not have a real understanding of the true pains, difficulties and sorrows of Singaporeans.

If allowed to continue, they will think only of their own benefits and run the country like a corporation and implement even more policies that will cause much more discontent, dissatisfaction and pain to Singaporeans.

It is time for a change! And residents of Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC, the power is in your hands.

Tomorrow, vote for SDA as our shadow town council has been under training for more than a year now and will be ready to take over immediately!

They will be led by Desmond Lim, who has had more than 14 years of good experience running the town council for Mr Chiam See Tong, with yearly surpluses and a transparent and accountable system.

Vote for SDA because we have detailed alternative plans and improved policies and solutions for all the issues faced by Singaporeans and we will be your most effective voice in Parliament to fight for your rights!

We will stand up against the 6.9 million population White Paper till the proper infrastructure is in place to handle the higher demand for the increased population. We are not against all foreigners but only those who are breaking the rice bowls of Singaporean PMETs.

Your vote is crucial and it will affect Singapore's future and this election is about taking back the rights for our children if you don't want them to be second-class citizens in our own beloved country.

We will stand up with you to ask for a more reliable public transport system and to bring down the stress faced by our children with the current education system. We will fight for more affordable housing and not one that we work all our lives to pay for.

We will fight that all restrictions be removed to use our Medisave and healthcare be improved, especially with our ageing population.

Vote for SDA because we will be your voice to ask for our CPF to be returned at 55, as it was originally promised.

Tomorrow, give us the chance to serve you as your full-time MPs and bring about many more improvements both in Pasir Ris Punggol and also on a national level.

We cannot do this alone. You have to help us make the change for a better future to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation!

Vote for SDA. Thank you.

This article was first published on Sept 11, 2015.
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