SEA Games cyclist unhurt in incident

By his own admission, he is an "aggressive rider".

But even after a car steamrolled the very bicycle Vincent Ang had planned to ride to glory at June's South-east Asia Games here in Singapore, the 38-year-old cyclist did not lose his cool.

A statement from the Singapore Cycling Federation (SCF) confirmed that Ang's bicycle was damaged in an incident along Dunearn Road in the early hours of yesterday morning.

While the bicycle was pinned under the car, Ang (above) was unhurt and made a police report. Investigations are ongoing.

"The Singapore Cycling Federation is thankful that our national cyclist and SEA Games prospect was unscathed. No further comments will be made on this matter until it has been resolved by the authorities," said the statement.

The SCF also added that cyclists can share the roads with drivers.

It said: "We would like to take this opportunity to remind all drivers and riders to drive and ride safely and to be responsible for their actions when it comes to other road users.

"It is possible for drivers and cyclists to share the road in a harmonious manner."

Ang could not be contacted for comment but he posted two videos on his Facebook page, including one of the alleged errant driver broadly smiling, and asking Ang to remove his helmet so that he could take a picture of him.

The video was accompanied by this statement from Ang: "Today, I did not curse, did not react, and I did not even say a word."

A source familiar with the incident said Ang was on the road with another cyclist at about 4am yesterday. After being honked at by a driver who was allegedly tailgating the pair, Ang stopped while the other cyclist continued riding.

After Ang dismounted from his bicycle which was in front of the car, the driver accelerated forward, pinning the bicycle under its wheels.

It was then that Ang called the police.

The source also revealed that Ang, who races on the Asian Circuit and International Cycling Union (UCI) events with Thai team Singha

Infinite Cycling Team, will be getting a replacement bike from his sponsors.

In an interview with The New Paper in January, Ang - the perceived bad boy of Singapore cycling - had promised that he would steer clear of trouble and be a role model for younger cyclists.

This came after a photo of him carrying his two-and-a-half-year old son in one arm, and his mobile phone gripped in his other hand as he allegedly cycled "fast" down Rifle Range Road, was posted on citizen journalism website Stomp.

He was wearing the red and white jersey of the national cycling team then.

Ang later apologised for his actions, saying: "I used to be one of those guys who used to beat red lights when I'm cycling, but I don't do that any more - there is a code of conduct that we sign when we get into the national team but, more importantly, I train with a lot of young riders now and, if I do it, they will do it, too," he said. "I have to be a role model."

This article was first published on Mar 5, 2015.
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