Security important for smart nation

We thank Mr Christopher Lin for his comments ("Fragility of a 'smart' nation"; Tuesday).

Singapore has the opportunity to be the world's first "smart" nation, one that will improve the quality of urban life for individuals and businesses alike.

In a smart nation, we seek to enable an anticipatory government that uses technology to enhance the delivery of public services, such as use of video analytics to detect traffic conditions even more efficiently.

Through greater access to data, citizens are also empowered to make meaningful choices in their daily living and to be an active participant in shaping our home.

For businesses, a smart nation will open up new opportunities for them to develop innovative products and services.

Higher value employment opportunities in emerging areas such as data and analytics will also be created.

We agree with the writer on the critical importance of security in any network.

Given the scale of development, security and data protection are already fundamental design principles in our smart nation architecture. We will continue to maintain high vigilance and pro-actively adopt measures to enhance security and minimise risks.

Data protection is an integral part of our governance. Frameworks such as the Personal Data Protection Act, internal government rules, and various legislation and regulations will provide the governance framework to better protect our citizens' personal data.

Lena Goh (Ms)

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Corporate and Marketing Communication

Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

This article was first published on June 28, 2014.
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