Sentosa Cove home goes underwater to wow visitors

PHOTO: Sentosa Cove home goes underwater to wow visitors

SINGAPORE - A Sentosa Cove resident has a found an innovative way to stand out from the rest of the houses there by going underwater - literally.

Mr Stephen Fisher, a hedge fund manager, built an underwater entertainment room which is submerged under an infinity pool.

Visitors enter the room to be greeted by water, sunlight and swimmers gliding past in the surrounding waters. There are also slides and colourful sofas in the room.

According to Mr Fisher, the room can hold about 30 to 50 people. The 12.7cm-thick clear acrylic walls must withstand a large amount of pressure from the surrounding water.

The Sentosa Cove home, also dubbed the 'Fish House', has earned accolades as an architectural feat and for its eco-friendly design. The two-storey bungalow has also been chosen as one of the top five more relaxing homes in the world and has been featured in various newspapers and television shows.

It comprises two pavilions made of glass and wood; both are connected by a bamboo walkway on the second floor.

One pavilion houses a pool verandah on the first floor, and a kitchen, dining area and living area on the second. The second pavilion houses the master bedroom and two other bedrooms.

Mr Fisher told the media that he will only let the luxurious home go if someone offers him a lot of money, although he's hoping that no one will.