Setting and promoting industry benchmarks

PHOTO: Setting and promoting industry benchmarks

SINGAPORE - The Singapore Standards Council is an industry-led organisation appointed by Spring Singapore to establish industry benchmarks.

The council also looks at how standards can help companies become more productive and competitive within their own industries.

Prominent individuals from the various industries and senior management representatives from relevant government agencies and the Consumer Association of Singapore make up the council.

A key role is to raise awareness of the benefits of standards and promote their adoption.

It also advises Spring Singapore about the national standards programme.

Development and implementing standards is led by 11 committees appointed by the standards council. The 11 committees are:

1. Biomedical Standards Committee

2. Building and Construction Standards Committee

3. Chemical Standards Committee

4. Electrical and Electronic Standards Committee 

5. Energy Standards Committee

6. Environment Standards Committee

7. Food Standards Committee

8. General Engineering and Safety Standards Committee

9. Information Technology Standards Committee

10. Management System Standards Committee

11. Silver Industry Standards Committee

The committees comprise various technical committees and working groups.

Members come from within the industry, professional bodies, associations, academia and government agencies.

They also play an active role in developing ISO and IEC standards via their memberships with international standard committees.

As part of its drive to promote its key industry-led role in the development, promotion and implementation of standards, the council has developed a new logo which was launched at the Standards Partner Awards Ceremony organised by Spring on July 19 this year.

The double-S icon in the logo symbolises Singapore standards, the interplay of colours signifies that Singapore standards are established by the council, while the upward progression of the double-S icon symbolises the growth of industry and organisations driven by the development and adoption of Singapore standards.

The Council's relationship with Spring Singapore is portrayed through the use of the same green and blue colours in Spring's corporate logo.