Settling into a new environment

Students either wait eagerly for the new school year to begin, or dread it as they are afraid to meet new people in a new environment. My school has found a new way to get students to bond with one another – by getting them to paint the walls.

We found that it was not as easy as we thought.

First, we had to decide what colours to use. No two people had the same opinion and after two hours of discussions, we decided to consolidate the colours. Nearly everyone was satisfied with misty green and ocean blue.

Then, when we started painting, we found that everyone was trying to boss one another around.

But after eight long and gruelling hours, we managed to finish the task.

This activity has taught us to try to accommodate other people’s wishes, and we made a lot of new friends along the way. Isn’t this a great way to settle into a new environment?

K. Aakash, 12, Secondary 1 student

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