SG50 Hello Kitty toys coming to McDonald's July 27

The SG50-inspired items and collectibles just won't stop coming, and this time, they will be in the form of Singapore's favourite cat - Hello Kitty.

Yup, you read that right: the Hello Kitty plush toys are making their way back to McDonald's, where they will be available in six different SG50 designs such as a Trishaw Uncle, Durian lover, and Samsui Woman.

Earlier this week, McDonald's Singapore began putting up teasers of the upcoming collection on their Facebook page, and has since revealed that the first edition - the Trishaw Uncle - will be available from July 27 at 11am. New editions will be released each week, with each one costing an additional $5 on top of a purchase of an Extra Value Meal.

Speaking of Hello Kitty soft toys, of course, brings to mind the chaos that ensued when previous editions of the plush toy went on sale at the fast food chain. Snaking overnight queues, hoarding of soft toys, and even a ton of wasted McDonald's meals - these were just some of the lengths Singaporeans went to to get their hands on the collectibles.

To pre-empt this, McDonald's has thankfully put in place a number of measures ahead of the launch of the SG50 toys: for one, each customer will only be able to get a maximum of four toys per store visit. Customers who do not wish to actually consume their meals can also opt to convert them to food vouchers, which McDonald's will then donate to The Food Bank Singapore.

Alternatively, fans can get their Hello Kitty fix by simply buying the whole set of collectibles online at Sales will begin from 11am on 20 July, and will cost buyers $80 per set. This will not only give them the plush toys, but include delivery, an exclusive Singapore landscape booklet, and six Extra Value Meal vouchers.

So sit tight, eyes on the clock, and go.

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