Shanghai Disney Resort to feature biggest castle

Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Robert Iger, speaks in front of the unveiled scale model of the future Shanghai Disneyland during a news conference in Shanghai, on July 15, 2015.
PHOTO: Reuters

If you are making travel plans for next year, here's an option to consider especially if you love all things Disney. At a press meet with chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company Bob Iger at Anaheim, California, recently he talked about Disney's latest theme park and resort, Shanghai Disney Resort. It is under construction in Pudong New District, Shanghai, China and is scheduled to open next year.

While it's not the largest park, Iger assured that Disney owns the land around it, giving them ample opportunity to expand. He promised: "It's going to enthrall the people of China in many years to come."

One element that separates Shanghai Disneyland from the rest is the iconic castle will be the largest of its kind.

"To send out the message that China is the largest country in the world, by population. And Shanghai is the biggest city in China. So how can we not build the biggest castle?" said Iger.

Other things that set it apart from its American counterpart is the Pirates Of The Caribbean attraction. It's not simply a ride but a whole land where you find rides and adventures such as Siren's Revenge, Barbossa's Bounty, Doubloon Market and Battle For The Sunken Treasure.
An exhibition at D23 of the different rides that are going to be available at the Shanghai Disney Resort, scheduled to open next year.This one revolves around Pirates Of The Caribbean. Photo: The Star/Mumtaj Begum

Tron fans can look forward to Tron Light Cycle attraction, which would allow guests to get on an individual light cycle and be transported to the digital world of Tron. Similarly, Alice In Wonderland fans can check out the the Alice In Wonderland Maze. Since this is based on director Tim Burton's film, the figures will resemble the film's cast like Helena Bonham Carter's Red Queen.

There will also be Chinese elements like for the Adventure Isle. Its thrill rides happen in the mountain where mythical creatures appear, including one gigantic guardian featured in the Roaring Mountain Raft.
Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Bob Chapek giving a behind-the-scenes look at what's to come at Shanghai Disney Resort. Photo: Disney

Iger said: "We talked about the park as something that is authentically Disney but distinctly Chinese. Many of the entertainment that we are currently casting have strong Chinese elements like acrobatics. Also the food. And language, it's in Mandarin.

"It was important to look, feel and relate what China has come to be today. I would say, this is one of the more interesting creative endeavours we had participate in," said Iger.