Shinzo Abe's wife makes honey for the first time at official residence

Akie Abe, the wife of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, has harvested honey for the first time from Japanese honeybees in a beehive placed in a courtyard of the Prime Minister's Official Residence.

"It's refreshing and tasty," she said on Sept. 14. "I will add it to herbal tea that he [the prime minister] takes to the Diet."

On her visit to the United States this April, she learned that US first lady Michelle Obama raised bees at the White House. Abe then started beekeeping in July.

On Sept. 14, clad in a protective suit, she extracted honey with a centrifuge and filtered it through a mesh. She was able to harvest about two kilograms.

Abe intends to give the honey to guests or serve it at an izakaya eatery she runs.