This cat is no brat

This cat is no brat

The Internet is a trove of cat videos.

And if there is one feline that has been cat-apulted to international stardom in recent times, it would be the peerless Grumpy Cat, known for its not-too-happy facial expression.

Tardar Sauce, a two-year-old female mixed breed from Arizona, US, shot to fame when its picture was posted on social news website Reddit in September 2012.

It has since appeared on TV and talk shows.

And when it finally graced the set for its debut TV movie, Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever, it arrived as the undisputed star.

It even shocked its human co-star, American-Canadian actress Megan Charpentier.

"Grumpy Cat had a bigger trailer than I did," the 13-year-old actress told The New Paper over the phone from Vancouver, Canada.


"I saw the trailer and thought it was mine, and was a bit jealous when I found out it was for Grumpy Cat.

"But it's got an entourage of nine people, including its owner and her family, its agent as well as a photographer. So I can see why they needed a big trailer."

Charpentier, best known for her roles as the feral child Victoria in the 2013 horror film Mama and as the Red Queen in the zombie action flick Resident Evil: Retribution (2012), said that Grumpy Cat may be pampered but it is no prima donna.

"It may look like it's grumpy and a total diva, but it's actually really fun, pretty chill and relaxed," she said.

"It's also a pro on set and knows what it's doing."

In the movie, Megan plays a girl who adopts Grumpy Cat (voiced by comedy actress Aubrey Plaza), only to discover that they can communicate.

The movie premieres on Lifetime (StarHub Ch 514) on Dec 21 at 7.30pm.

The pair formed a bond on set, where they spent six to seven hours together on most days.

The teen was taught by Grumpy Cat's owner Tabatha Bundesen how to hold her pet properly and get its attention - by snapping her fingers near its ear or waving feathers in front of it.

But despite the good vibes, Charpentier admitted their working relationship got a little messy at times.

"It peed on me a couple of times and pooped on me once, which was kind of gross," she said.

"There was one scene where I had to rip off a Velcro vest and it peed on me. But it was because it was scared, so I don't blame it."

Charpentier has two golden retrievers, named Charlie and Channing (named after one of her favourite actors Channing Tatum).

"I love cats but I'm not able to get one because my mum is allergic to them," she said.

"I've always wanted one because cats are super fluffy and cute."

Charpentier still keeps in touch with Grumpy Cat via her human family, the Bundesens, and through Twitter.

"Grumpy Cat followed me on Twitter, which got me super psyched," she said, adding that she is already missing her furry co-star and is purring at the prospect of seeing her again.

"I really enjoyed chilling with it and was always asking when I could hold it again.

"One of my wishes for Christmas would be to see Grumpy Cat again.

"That and a MacBook Air."

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