Sidelined? Resignation should be last resort

Sidelined? Resignation should be last resort
Above photo is Mr Josh Goh of the GMP Group.

Ms Kee asked: I have been the independent head of a foreign firm's subsidiary here for two years.

During that period, I drove the unit's sales up fivefold.

My Europe-based supervisor just told me that I will soon have an immediate supervisor, a European, who will be based in Asia.

The rationale: They think he will bring in better sales because he is a male.

Am I being rational if I quit?

Any decision you take when you feel you have been neglected or passed over is rarely a rational one.

Understandably, it is a bitter pill to swallow when someone else lands the big job for whatever reason, let alone that of gender.

You must be feeling dejected, humiliated and angry.

The temptation to jump ship is always a knee-jerk reaction.

Mr Josh Goh of the GMP Group says it is "not advisable to let your emotions take control or get the better of you".

"It is important for you to display to your superior that you are objective and professional despite the prejudiced reviews about your performance," he adds.

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