Sineoji WD720 Wireless Display Dongle

Resembling a large USB drive, Sineoji's wireless display dongle is small enough to be lost among the things in your bag.

One end is an HDMI connector which plugs into the HDMI port on your TV or display. The other end has two micro-USB ports.

The bundled cable has a micro-USB connector at one end. Connect this to the dongle. At the other end of the cable is a regular USB connector. Plug this into a USB port on the TV. This will power the dongle.

As the HDMI ports on a TV may be placed at hard-to-reach places, it can sometimes be difficult to connect the dongle directly to the HDMI port. Thankfully, an HDMI extension cable offers you more leeway to position the dongle.

This device supports the DLNA protocol, Intel WiDi and Miracast wireless technologies. A small button at the side of the dongle functions as a toggle, and the switch takes a couple of seconds.

Unless you have read the manual, it will not be obvious which mode the dongle is in, because the manufacturer expects you to know that "PBC Mode" refers to Miracast. But kudos to Sineoji for including support for three wireless streaming technologies.

As with the Netgear Push2TV adaptor, streaming a 720p from a mobile device to the TV with the Sineoji dongle was accomplished with no hiccups. There was a slight lag for 1,080p videos, enough to rule out videos with fast motion or action sequences. For cartoons or anime that have more static images, the experience is passable.

The WD720 did not work well with my Nexus 5 smartphone when using Miracast. It caused my phone to hang and reboot every single time.

Yet, the dongle worked with the Nexus 7 tablet. Both devices run on the latest Android 4.4 KitKat, which rules out the operating system as the culprit.

The user interface on this wireless dongle needs to be more intuitive. More importantly, it failed to work with a certified Miracast device.


Price: $119


Features: 4

Performance: 3

Value for money: 3

Overall: 3

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