Singapore nabs top spot in World Youth Tchoukball Championship

SINGAPORE - Team Singapore M18 (Boys) emerged champions in the recently-concluded 4th World Youth Tchoukball Championships (WYTC) 2015.

According to a statement from the Tchoukball Association of Singapore (TBAS), this is the first time any country has defeated Taiwan, the long reigning champion, in the last 30 years.

Team Singapore fielded a total of 11 teams of boys and girls and players range from as young as 12 to 18 years old in three age group categories (M12, M15 and M18). The fourth installment of WYTC saw a total of 30 teams participating with more than 350 players.

Representatives from nine countries including Italy, Philippines and India gathered in Singapore from August 14 to 16 to vie for the championships. Singapore was awarded the bid to host the WYTC this August.

At the recently concluded World Tchoukball Championships, Team Singapore's men and women teams came in second.

Mr Muhammad Rezal, President of the TBAS said, "Being awarded the bid to host this year's WYTC is a positive affirmation of Singapore's position in the sport worldwide.

"The championships presents the opportunity for our Singapore youths to be exposed to the international playing field, honing their skills further to better represent Singapore."