Singapore polling stations open for snap election

Update: Polling stations have closed at 8pm on Sept 11. More than two million Singaporeans have turned up to cast their votes on Friday at the 832 polling stations across the nation.

According to the Elections Department, 2,085,676 Singaporeans voted as of 5pm.

SINGAPORE - Voting began in Singapore on Friday (Sept 11) in the city-state's most hotly contested general election.

As of 12pm, 1,153,570 of some 2.46 million citizens eligible for voting have turned up at polling stations to cast their votes, local media reported.

Among them were Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, and his wife Ho Ching, whose polling station was at Alexandra Primary School.

"We've done our best," Lee told Reuters. "It's a major turning point for Singapore."

President Tony Tan and his wife Mary were also seen casting their votes at Nanyang Girls' High School, according to local media.

For the first time since independence, all 89 seats are being contested in the country's 12th General Election. 76 seats are for 16 Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs) and 13 seats are for Single-Member Constituencies (SMCs).

Singaporeans headed to the polls early today. At one city-centre polling station in the central district, about 30 mainly elderly people queued up before the voting began, while more than 100 people gathered outside a polling station in the city's west, reported Reuters.

There are 832 polling stations islandwide.

Preliminary results are expected a couple of hours after the polls close at 8 pm, Reuters reported.