Singapore woman finishes 3.2kg burger in 43 minutes without breaking a sweat

Don't be fooled by her petite frame - this woman managed to wolf down a 3.2kg burger in a mere 43 minutes.

She had been attempting The Beast Burger Challenge at The Beast Burger, an American restaurant located along Jalan Klapa in Singapore.

According to The Smart Local, the challenge requires one to finish a whopping 7-pound (around 3.2kg) burger consisting of slaw, pork, and fried chicken atop a generous beef patty, in between two buttery hot buns and sweet potato fries.

Photos and a video posted on Food League Singapore's Facebook page show the woman, Thomasina Owch, attempting the challenge - and conquering it.

Singaporean personal trainer and competitive eater Zermatt Neo, who can be seen standing behind Thomasina at the beginning of the video, is the only other person who has accomplished the challenge, with a record time of 33 minutes.

The 28-year-old had previously made headlines when he ate 4kg of chicken rice in one sitting, and then finished 4.5kg of Singapore laksa in another session.

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