10 things to know when buying a tour package

10 things to know when buying a tour package

Most Singaporeans love a good deal, especially when it comes to getting holiday tour packages that has everything booked and planned for.

But before signing for a tour and paying for your holiday, here are 10 things to consider:

1. Learn more about the travel agent

Check that the travel agent is licensed by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). The licence should be displayed prominently within its premises. Sounding out friends and family as well as reading travel websites, could also prove to be a useful tool in giving you a better idea about the travel agent.

2. Confirm what's included in the package

Clarify if there are additional charges for items such as optional tours, meals and admission to attractions. These could add up and drive up the cost significantly.

3. Check the minimum group size

Many tours only get going when there is a minimum group size. Find out the minimum number of people required, to be on the trip.

4. Know about the transfers

Find out if it is a direct flight or has several stops. Check how you will be transferred to your destination or in between places during the tour. Also clarify if there are additional costs involved in these transfers.

5. Know the terms and conditions

Read, understand and clarify the terms and conditions, especially those regarding refunds and cancellations. Ensure all verbal agreements are enforced in writing before making any payment.

6. Confirm the type of rooms

Small details such as smoking or non-smoking rooms, can sometimes affect how well a holiday goes. Clarify these with the agent when signing up for a tour package.

7. Ask if special meals are provided

If you are vegetarian or require other special meals, do check if the tour agent can make the necessary arrangements or provide alternatives.

8. Ensure needs of young and old are met

If you require extra beds for your children, make sure to ask early if these items can be provided during the tour. They may sometimes be available only on request. If travelling with seniors, check if there are many flights of stairs or hills to climb!

9. Choose to pay a deposit

It may be wise to pay a deposit in advance if the travel date is far off, or if the trip is yet to be confirmed. You may choose to pay the remainder only when the date approaches.

10. Get a comprehensive travel insurance policy

Insurance packages vary in coverage and prices of premiums. Sign up for an insurance policy that best suits your travel needs and to protect against unforeseen circumstances, such as travel agent insolvency and medical emergencies.

Making these important checks before signing up for a tour package could go a long way in helping you prevent some unpleasant surprises on your dream holiday. So start making smart purchases by ensuring you are fully aware of what you are signing up for!

This article was first published on Mar 04, 2015.
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