100 fans first to get hands on McDonald's new mini NanoBlocks

100 fans first to get hands on McDonald's new mini NanoBlocks

SINGAPORE - Waiting in line for five hours for a toy was how long a teenager was willing to queue up to get what she really likes.

Ms Teo Xin Yi, a 20-year-old student from Temasek Polytechnic, was the first person in the queue at McDonald's smallest "store" at Bugis Junction today.

She was part of a crowd of 100 fans who eagerly waited to get their hands on a series of miniature NanoBlock toys, which is a collaboration between Japanese company Kawada and McDonald's.

McDonald's Food Icons X nanoblocks collection features a collector's kit consisting of six nanoblock designs modelled after food items. They are McDonald's French Fries, Cold Cup, Apple Pie, McFlurry, Big Mac, and a restaurant model.

On why she decided to join the queue for the collection at about 7am, Ms Teo said: "I thought it was very cute and rather special.

"However, I thought that the launch was for the whole set instead of the individual toys. But I'm still happy with my Oreo McFlurry toy. I will get the whole set when it is officially selling next week," she added.


The event today was a preview of what the public can expect when McDonald's officially launches the collection here for the first time on Monday (Feb 22). Customers were allowed to pick a Big Mac, French Fries, Oreo McFlurry, Apple Pie, McCafe Premium Roast Coffee or a Coca-Cola free-of-charge with an accompanying NanoBlock model as a giveaway.

Photo: McDonald's Singapore

Besides Ms Teo, there were also other students and NanoBlock lovers who joined the queue. Among them were 19- and 20-year-old students Faith and Jacintha, who were the 77th and 91st persons to join the queue at about 10.15am.

The pair thought that the Nano store would be a similar setup to an ordinary McDonald's store. They didn't expect the store to be a rectangular block made out of NanoBlocks, where customers would place their orders over a microphone embedded in the display. A McDonald's staff would then deliver their orders from the nearby restaurant in the mall located about 30 metres away.

The McDonald's Food Icons X nanoblocks collection has been launched in Malaysia and Hong Kong. Singapore is the third country in Asia that will have the collection available to customers.

On why nanoblocks were used, a representative of McDonald's Singapore attributed the growing popularity of the blocks as a reason.

Photo: McDonald's Singapore

Although the crowd was not as crazy and packed as the previous ones for the Hello Kitty and McDonald's plush toys collection, there were still those who were patient enough to wait in line.

For one couple, their chances of getting a nanoblock were increased after someone before them in the queue pulled out.

Ms Cheng Shan, 29, and Mr Ronald, 30, started queuing at 7.30am in the morning and were eighth and ninth in the queue respectively. 

"We became seventh and eighth in the queue after the person in front of us dropped out," Ms Cheng said. She added that her boyfriend and her are fans of NanoBlock and both chose the McCafe Premium Roast Coffee as their treats today.

From Feb 29, individual McDonald's Food Icons X nanoblocks will be available for purchase in restaurants. One design will be launched every Monday at 11am and sold on a while stocks last basis:

1. Week 1 (Feb 29 - Mar 6): French Fries

2. Week 2 (Mar 7 - Mar 13): Cold Cup

3. Week 3 (Mar 14 - Mar 20): Apple Pie

4. Week 4 (Mar 21 - Mar 27): Oreo McFlurry

5. Week 5 (Mar 28 - Apr 3): Big Mac

6. Week 1-5 (Feb 29 - Apr 3): McCafe Cup (only available at McCafe outlets)

The individual food icons will be available at $4 each with every purchase of an extra value meal over the counter in restaurants and McDelivery. Purchase is limited to four items per customer.

The collector's kit will be available over the counter in restaurants at $29 each with every purchase of an extra value meal. Purchase is limited to two sets per customer.


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