The 11 types of Singaporean "Ah Ma"

A video posted on YouTube, titled "11 types of Singaporean Ah Ma", has been trending on social media recently.

Filmed in various locations in Singapore, the video posted by popular local YouTube channel Ryan Sylvia gives us a glimpse into the eccentric but lovable behaviours of Ah Mas with the use of relatable scenarios.

The comical actors and amusing dialogue add to the video's appeal.

The creators hope to the video will help spread awareness about the Pioneer Generation card as well as encourage viewers to take better care of their ageing grandparents.

Examples of the Ah Mas introduced include "Technology Fail Ah Ma", the "Domestic Goddess Ah Ma" and the long-winded and absent-minded "Once Upon A Time Ah Ma".

Check out the photo gallery below and see which category your Ah Ma falls into.

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