110 hotspots around Asia causes drop in Singapore's air quality

Singapore - A total of 110 hotspots detected around Asia has caused a deterioration in Singapore's air quality, the National Environmental Agency said in an update to the media on Monday.

The 24-hr PSI at 6pm today remains in the 'Good' range, hovering at 44 to 49, while the 3-hr PSI stands at 38.

NEA added that the PM2.5 is the range of 25 to 30μg/m3.

Northern ASEAN and parts of East Asia have been experiencing dry weather conditions over the past several weeks, contributing to the increase in hotspots.

Winds blowing from the north or northeast are pushing the dust particles and haze towards Singapore.

In a Facebook update on Monday, Environment and Water Resources Minister Dr Vivian Balakrishnan said that the latest haze is "a reminder that we can never take the environment for granted."

NEA has forecasted showers over Singapore for the next few days, and expects the air quality to improve and remain in the 'Good' range.

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