114 pieces of Night Festival artwork go missing

Everyday Aspirations (above), a 14m-long installation by artist Karen Mitchell, on display at an exhibition last year. The artwork is made up of 365 pieces of "words of aspirations", but 114 pieces have gone missing after the opening of this year's Singapore Night Festival last weekend.

Artist Karen Mitchell's installation, called Everyday Aspirations, was set up along the alley between The Substation and the Peranakan Museum. It was made up of 365 pieces of "words of aspirations", such as "laugh" and "smile".


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Below is the artist's appeal posted on her Facebook page:


The installation ‘EVERYDAY ASPIRATIONS’ by artist Karen Mitchell was installed along the alley between The Substation and The Peranakan Museum for Night Festival 2013. The artist would like to tha...nk the support from all the visitors who came by to see this artwork. 

Made up of 365 words of Aspirations collected from different people, the artwork has the shadows of these words cast onto the wall to create over-lapping effect, intending to represent the shared aspirations of everyone.

Visitors are welcome to interact with the artwork by using their own light source to project more word shadows; form new and interesting words or phrases; or take photographs of all the words or the words they like.

The artist was very glad to see many visitors enjoying this artwork and hope that more people will hear about it and come see it during the second week of Night Festival. However, after the first two nights of the event, 114 pieces of these words of aspirations went missing.

Each word played a very important part in this artwork, and they belong to the artist. When any one piece is being removed, it deprives the others to enjoy the experience of interacting with this installation fully. We hope to seek your help to inform us if you know the whereabouts of any of the pieces.

The artwork calls for a “shared aspiration” experience, so all the 365 pieces of the words should be present. 

Thankyou very much.

Karen Mitchell