12 toddlers saved from reportedly abusive orphanage in Indonesia

After a prolonged battle, the National Commission on Child Protection (Komnas PA) has finally rescued 12 of 32 toddlers from the Samuel's Home orphanage in Banten, on Monday.

"We are bringing out these 12 toddlers on behalf of the law," the commission's chairman, Aris Merdeka Sirait, told reporters.

Only 10 of the toddlers were brought to the commission's office while the other two were rushed to Bethesda Hospital for treatment of high fever and scratch wounds.

"We are going to ask the hospital whether the scratches were caused by mistreatment or not," Aris said.

Previously reports have alleged that founder and owner of the orphanage for 14 years, Samuel, had been mistreating and confining foster children.

"Those accusations are not true. You may check inside whether there is any mark of mistreatment or confinement here," Samuel told reporters at the orphanage in Gading Serpong residential area in Tangerang regency, Banten.

The first reports of abuse emerged when one orphan, identified only by the initials of H, 20, ran away from the orphanage and told one of its donors of the mistreatment.

Komnas PA had received three similar reports of mistreatment since 2012.

Earlier, reports emerged that a 3-month-old infant died on Feb. 18 at the orphanage, one week after a police report alleging mistreatment had been filed by the Mawar Saron legal aid institute.