15-year-old charged with hiring prostitute, 17

BRUNEI - A 15-year-old Bruneian has been charged with hiring a Vietnamese prostitute at the Juvenile Court.

A court document stated that the boy paid $50 for sex with 17-year-old Bui Thi Anh at her flat on September 3.

It was alleged that the unemployed youth was in the middle of obtaining sexual services from Bui when police raided the room at about 8.45pm.

The police also found lubricant tubes and condoms during the raid, the document read.

If found guilty, the teenager may face a fine of not less than $1,000 and not more than $5,000 and imprisonment which may extend to one year.

In a similar case heard at the Magistrates' Court, three men who pleaded guilty to paying the 17-year-old Vietnamese girl for sex were each fined $2,500 yesterday.

The court document stated that defendants Md Abdul Aziz Aliakhbar Hj Moktar, 19; Ak Md Adib Salihin @ Ak Md Arsyad Pg Md Daud, 21; and Hj Md Redzuan Hj Moktar, 23, on September 3 went to a block of flats in the capital with the purpose of obtaining sexual services from women who lived there.

When the police raided the flat, Md Abdul Aziz Aliakhbar and Ak Md Adib Salihin were sitting waiting for their friends who were in a room with the girl.

The police caught Hj Md Redzuan in flagrante with the girl in a room.

The police arrested the men and the woman, and seized items such as lubricants and condoms.

On interrogation, Md Abdul Aziz Aliakhbar claimed to have met a man some time in August in Yayasan Mall who struck up a conversation with him. During the conversation, the man offered to supply Md Abdul Aziz Aliakhbar with "women". Before leaving, the defendant took the man's telephone number.

Arrangements were made a week later, via a phone call, for the defendant to come to a flat in the capital.

The man then took Md Abdul Aziz Aliakhbar to a flat where there were four women. The defendant picked the 17- year-old girl and paid her $50 for sex.

During the raid, the police found $50 in Ak Md Adib Salihin's possession. After questioning, Ak Md Adib Salihin admitted he had intended to give the girl $50 for sex.

Both Md Abdul Aziz Aliakhbar and Hj Md Redzuan admitted to having paid the girl $50 for sexual services.

During the proceedings yesterday, the defendants were ordered to pay their fines within two months or face a three-month jail term in default.

Meanwhile, the 17-year-old girl and four other Vietnamese nationals have been charged with soliciting. They are due to appear at the Magistrates' Court on Monday for a further mention of the case.