1,500 Nee Soon GRC seniors honoured at tribute dinner

SINGAPORE - More than 70 youths from Nee Soon GRC came together to organise a tribute dinner for 1,500 seniors today.

The youths personally visited over 1,200 households to deliver invitation cards to members of the pioneer generation.

One senior, Mdm Seetoh Lai Keen, 72, said: "The youth are very friendly and one of them even spoke to me in dialect for me to understand the details better. (I) hope there will be more of such opportunities for the generations to mingle."

Speaking at the dinner, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Law K Shanmugam, who is an MP for Nee Soon GRC, said that the interactions between the youths were "meaningful, especially since we need to better understand and prepare for a rapidly ageing population".

Ms Eileen Chen, chairperson of Chong Pang Community Club's Youth Executive Committee (YEC) said: "It's a great experience to have this chance to collaborate with the other four YECs in this grand-scale event to pay tribute to the pioneers.

"It has always been an aspiration for me to work with fellow youths in learning and putting efforts to engage the elderly and to take the chance from this experience to know how we can be more prepared for this ageing population we are currently living in."