2 loanshark runners arrested with the help of CCTV

SINGAPORE - Police have arrested a man, 20, and a woman, 16, for suspected involvement in loansharking activities with the help of CCTV images.

On Sep 25, at around 5.18pm, officers apprehended the duo in the vicinity of Pasir Ris Street 13.

A mobile phone containing a loanshark-related picture found in their possession was seized for investigations.

After patrolling the vicinity, officers recovered six cans of paint and a debtor's note.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the duo are believed to have carried out loanshark harassment such as paint splashing and leaving debtor's note at one of the units in Pasir Ris Housing Estate.

Investigations against the female suspect are currently ongoing.

The male suspect will appear in court on Sep 26.

If convicted, as a first-time offender, he faces a fine up to $50,000, a jail term of up to five years and shall be liable to a maximum six strokes of the cane.