2 men arrested for stealing from donation boxes

SINGAPORE - Police have arrested two men aged 29 and 30 for their suspected theft from donations boxes belonging to a religious building along Muscat Street.

At about 10am today, the staff of the building called the Police to report that they had spotted two men behaving suspiciously within their premises.

When the Police arrived shortly afterwards, the staff had detained a man who was carrying a haversack. They informed the officers that the man had been earlier seen with another man meddling with the donation boxes which had been placed inside the premises.

The officers checked the haversack carried by the 30-year-old man and found a notebook which contained seven metallic plates inserted within the pages of the book. These metallic plates were coated with an adhesive substance and attached to fabric strings.

There were also two metal wires and cash amounting to $195 found in the bag. Suspecting that the man had stolen the money from the donation boxes, the police officers arrested him and the peripherals were seized as case exhibits.

After the arrest, police officers continued to track down his accomplice. The officers' efforts paid off when a 29-year-old man was detained in the vicinity of Airport Boulevard.

Officers found a briefcase containing cash amounting to $1,524. The man was arrested and the items found were seized as case exhibits.

The suspects will be charged in the Court on October 11 for the offence of Theft in Dwelling with Common Intention. The offence is punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to seven years and a fine.