2 men hurt in scuffle with suspected bike thief

Two men suffered knife wounds after they and a friend were trying to claim a stolen motorbike at a carpark at Woodlands Avenue Block 569B on Friday night.

The Honda motorbike was stolen from a car workshop owned by Mr Ng Yen Zhang, 31, three weeks ago, reported Shin Min Daily News.

Mr Ng said he and two friends went to the Woodlands carpark after the police informed him that the vehicle was found there.

Mr Ng managed to spot the motorbike but was surprised to find that it had been modified.

He and his friends then decided to waited nearby to confront the 'thief'.

Seven hours later, the suspect showed up with a female companion, and was confronted by the three men when he tried to start the bike.

The suspect resisted but the three men managed to pin him down. But he surprised them when he produced a fruit knife.

In the ensuing struggle, Mr Ng's friend, Mr Daniel Ey, 29, a sales executive, was stabbed in his left calf while Mr Ng's business partner, Mr Eric Leong, sustained a cut on a knee.

The suspect's female companion apparently managed to disarm him but left the scene before the arrival of the police.

Mr Ng, who was not hurt in the scuffle, felt sorry that his friends got injured on his account.

A police spokesperson said that a man in his 30s was arrested for attempted theft of a motor vehicle and for voluntarily causing hurt grievous hurt.