2 more Sim Lim phone shops raided

SINGAPORE - Workers at mobile phone shop Mobile Apps in Sim Lim Square covered their heads and ran out of the building when their premises was raided by the police yesterday. Another shop, Gadget Terminal, was also raided.

The raid started at 12.30pm and ended at about 3.30pm. The shops' shutters were closed during the sting, although officers ushered two men in and out.

At about 2.50pm, two shopkeepers - dressed in an orange checked shirt and a purple shirt - covered their faces and ran in different directions.

Officers left with cardboard boxes - believed to contain mobile phones, laptops and accounts - from the shops on the first two floors of the electronics mall in Bugis that has gained international notoriety.

Last month, the mall made headlines after many customers complained about how retailers lured them in with cheap phone prices, only to jack them up after they paid. Refusal to pay more meant they lost most of their money and did not get their new devices.

According to the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, Mobile Apps belongs to Tee Boon Chien and Gadget Terminal to Lim Pei Pin.

The Consumers Association of Singapore said Gadget Terminal received 14 complaints, the most in the mall, between September and last month. Mobile Apps, whose signboard reads "De. Mac Gadgets Pte Ltd", had seven.

The complaints were about getting wrong information on products, getting defective goods and being subjected to questionable sales tactics.

While Gadget Terminal remained closed after the raid, a camera shop sharing the same store space as Mobile Apps opened at about 4pm.

The retailer told reporters he had nothing to do with the other side, "but business has been so badly affected, no one buys from us any more".

The police confirmed that investigations into two retailers have begun, following reports lodged against them.


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