2 Pakistani men charged with murder over legless body in suitcase

SINGAPORE - The two men, Ramzan Rizwan, 25, and Rasheed Muhammad, 43, are accused of killing 59-year-old Muhammad Noor between 12.01am on June 10 and 6.04pm on June 11 at 6B Rowell Road, Room 44. It is believed to be the lodging house they were staying at.

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Two Pakistanis held over murder of friend

By Jalelah Abu Baker, My Paper, published on June 13, 2014

SINGAPORE - Three impoverished Pakistani men checked into a lodge in Rowell Road last month, and survived by selling tissue paper.

Yesterday, two of them were arrested in connection with the murder of the third man, whose body was found stuffed in a suitcase on Wednesday, with his legs severed.

The suspects, Rashid, 43, and Rizwan, 25, were arrested in Rowell Road, at about 3pm yesterday.

The owner of the lodge, who did not want to be named, told My Paper yesterday that Rashid and the victim, Mohamed Noor, 59, had stayed in the same room since arriving in the middle of last month.

Rizwan had arrived later in the month and stayed separately.

The three men would usually leave the lodge in the morning, and return in the evening to pay their rent - $18 per person per night.

The three men were to leave Singapore this month.

The last time the owner saw the suspects was on Wednesday, around 6pm, when the bloody luggage was found.

"They did everything as per normal. That's something hard to digest," the owner said.

Police were on their trail quickly.

At about 11am yesterday, the officers showed up at 24-hour shopping centre Mustafa Centre.

The specific question that was asked of Raja, who works in the hardware department, was: "Did anyone buy a saw worth $119?"

And the 55-year-old recalled that someone had.

Mr Raja was then taken to a security room where he identified the man on surveillance-camera footage.

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