2 US Marines in Taiwan arrested for alleged intimidation

PHOTO: Reuters

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Two active US Marines, a man and a woman, were released after questioning by the Chiayi District Prosecutors Office after alleged intimidation crimes on Sunday.

One of the Marines staying in a Chiayi hotel asked hotel staff to forward a note to his friend who was staying in the same hotel on Sunday morning. The note reportedly stated "the bomber is about to board on airplane, be sure to monitor."Stunned staff reported to police immediately and the two marines were intercepted and arrested on Sunday afternoon. Explaining that the note was intended as a joke, the two were released, according to police. It is reported that the pair are lovers stationed in Okinawa and enjoy role-playing games.

However, the size of note was an unusual seven pages, and the content was enormously sensitive. Due to concerns, prosecutors have had police inform the National Security Bureau (NSB) and the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), said the Chiayi District Prosecutors Office.

According to the criminal code, Article 305, the penalty could be a maximum two-year imprisonment. No any dangerous object was found to be in the possession of the marines, the chief prosecutor said.