2-year-old bruised at infant centre

SINGAPORE- A childcare centre in Ang Mo Kio is being investigated after a two-year-old girl in its care sustained bruises.

The toddler's parents say that they spotted bruises on her cheek, nose and mouth when they picked her up from the centre on Monday.

They left in a huff after receiving an "unconvincing" explanation from the centre's supervisor.

The father said yesterday that his daughter and her twin brother have since been withdrawn from the centre.

Mr Eric Tang, 39, an engineer, said that the centre's supervisor had initially said that an older boy may have hit the toddler during nap time.

But later she contacted them and said the girl got bruised after a fall.

The Early Childhood Development Agency, which regulates the early-childhood sector here, told MyPaper yesterday that it is investigating Candyland Infant & Childcare Centre "and working closely with the centre to ensure that proper child management and supervision guidelines are adhered to".

The parents fear they may never know the truth.

The centre, said Mr Tang, did not have closed-circuit television cameras - another point of contention.

"Everything is just verbal, how much we can believe, we don't know. If there were footage we could take action. But now our hands are tied."

Mr Tang tried to make a police report but was advised to settle the issue directly with the centre's management.

The twins are now on a waiting list for spots at another childcare centre.

His wife had planned to return to work after the twins had settled into childcare but those plans have to be shelved for a few more months, said Mr Tang.

For now, he is relieved that his daughter is recovering.

He said: "The swelling has come down a bit and she is less cranky and is almost back to her usual, happy self."

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