20 bone fragments recovered from murder site

IPOH - About 20 small human bone fragments have been recovered from the site of the murder scene at Jalan Pahang in Tapah, said a source.

“Since the bones are badly burnt, we are still determining as to how much DNA samples can be obtained. If a bigger piece is found, we might be able to get a breakthrough,” said the source.

The source said investigators needed to determine whether the bones were linked to the suspected murders of four people.

Ashes of the deceased unconnected to the case which were scattered into Sungai Tapah pose a setback.

Sungai Tapah and Sungai Cheroh, near where the house is located, are inter-linked.

"The bones found could be that of other people who were cremated," the source added.

Yesterday, the main suspect and his 20-year-old son were brought to the crime scene at the house-cum-workshop at about 10am.

A police dog unit and an excavator were also seen.

Police later removed a shovel, a wheelbarrow and hoe.

State Crime chief SAC Goh Kok Liang said police also retrieved teeth, bone splinters, shoes and clothing.

Last Monday, police arrested the 57-year-old mechanic, his wife, 54, and their two sons, aged 20 and 17, at the house.

It was reported that investigations on the disappearance of a land broker on Aug 28 had led police to the house where four victims were believed to have been beaten to death, their remains burnt and ashes scattered into a river behind the wooden house.

Police said the murders were believed to have taken place between 2012 and this year.