200 Residents' Committees open doors for students to study

200 Residents' Committees open doors for students to study

SINGAPORE - The sight of students studying in fast food outlets and cafes may be a thing of the past after over 200 Residents' Committee (RC) centres across Singapore opened their doors to students.

Besides providing free flow of drinks and light snacks for students preparing for exams, some RC centres also provide free WiFi access. This will help students who may not have any internet access at home, or those working on projects.

The air-conditioned rooms also come with board games or carom for the students.

People's Association Chief Executive Director, Mr Ang Hak Seng, explained that the genesis of this initiative started when RC volunteers noticed students studying at public spaces and F&B outlets.

"[We wanted] to provide a quiet and air-conditioned environment near their homes where students can concentrate," Mr Ang said.

He added: "Some residents have even stepped forward and volunteered to coach students on certain subjects that they are good at."

Mr Yap Swee Kiat, 30, a resident at Hwi Yoh Ville in Serangoon North, has been coaching secondary school students on subjects such as Mathematics and Science at the centre every Friday and Sunday, on top of his regular job as an ITE lecturer.

One of the beneficiaries is Cher Rui, a student who has been studying for the upcoming 'O' level examinations at Hwi Yoh RC centre.

"The library is always crowded and fast food restaurants are noisy," Cher Rui said. "I feel very at ease studying here (RC centre).

"I am also thankful to Swee Kiat, who coaches us during his free time, whenever we encounter problems with our school work."

For the full list of RC centre study areas, click here.


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