22-year-old man arrested for impersonating a police officer

SINGAPORE - A 22-year-old man has been arrested for impersonating a police officer.

At about 3am on Oct 28, police received a call for assistance along Kerbau Rd.

At the scene of the crime, it was discovered that the suspect had approached two victims and identified himself as a police officer.

It was thereafter revealed that the suspect had demanded his victims to produce their passports for him to check as well as their belongings that included cash.

The suspect then took off with their cash but was detained after the victims caught him.

The victims' cash was recovered after the suspect was arrested.

If the suspect is convicted, he may face a jail term of at least two years, receive a fine or both.

The public is encouraged to be vigilant and wary of anyone who may impersonate public servants. When in doubt, request for the police officer's warrant card to verify his identify or call 999 for assistance.