3 construction workers help woman retrieve EZ-Link card from drain

Three construction workers came to a woman's aid when her EZ-Link card fell into the gaps of a drain cover in the Clementi area yesterday (Jan 16) evening.

Stomp contributor Sherlynn said it was no easy feat retrieving the card and they had to resort to using some of their tools to help her, but they never gave up.

In a phone conversation with Stomp, she said: "At around 5pm yesterday (Jan 16), my EZ-Link card slipped out of my pocket when I was taking out my phone and "lucky me", it fell straight into the middle gap of the drain.

"I was speechless and stunned for a moment because that was really 'suay'.

"The gap was so super small and it just slipped in.

"I tried opening the drain cover but thought it was impossible as it looked sealed up.

"I then looked around and saw three construction workers nearby and approached them for help!

"Without any question asked, one of them told me to bring them there.

"At first I really thought it was hopeless, because the three of them tried several times and it still couldn't be opened."

The Stomp contributor said they then took out some of their equipment to help her.

"They took out a screwdriver and a nail cutter (they used the dirt remover part) and placed these tools into gaps.

"Then one of them said, "Ok bros... Let's go, 1 2 3 PULL!"(He himself was using his bare hands!) T "They tried for a few times before the drain cover finally opened!

"They even helped me get the card out.

"I realised how heavy the cover was when I helped to hold it when they retrieved my card.

"I was so touched. They displayed no signs of giving up when helping me.

"I just want to say thank you so much for everything."

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